Not Giving Up: What You Don’t See Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Happening


Maggie Sim

Maggie Sim

Not giving up was a lesson I learnt as a #noob gardener. I picked up gardening just before Chinese New Year. Since I wasn’t travelling during the Chinese New Year period, I thought to liven up my home with some flowering plants and create a festive vibe. What turned out to be a once-off plant purchase for Chinese New Year turned out to be the start of a gardening hobby. I have always had the belief that I killed plants, that I didn’t have the green thumbs to grow them. I had kept a few pots of hibiscus plants and they also died.

not giving up

I have learnt quite a number of lessons as a #noob gardener, most of which are analogies for how we live life. I thought it would be quite fun to share them here on this blog.

For many months, this pot of caladium filled with tall healthy leaves that you now see in the photo, was empty. I thought the plant might be dead, but continued to water and fertilise it regularly. Plants undergo a fallow period and lie dormant. It was tempting to give up, remove the empty pot and replace it with something else that is flowering.

One fine day, this plant surprised us with a new shoot, then another! It didn’t stop there and just kept going. We now have over 10 big leaves in what was an empty pot not too long ago.  

Sometimes we keep doing the thing yet see no visible results. Exercising without seeing a change in our weight. Prospecting without getting much traction. Posting on social media and not seeing an increase in your engagement statistics.  Not giving up means we keep doing the thing.

Even though you don’t see the outcomes yet, it doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t paying off. You are growing, becoming better, stronger and more resourceful.

Change and progress aren’t always visible to the naked eye. Just keep at it. Being consistent and not giving up means you will enjoy the blooms one day.

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