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From time to time, I receive invites from podcast hosts to be a guest on their podcasts. We talk about a range of topics from personal development to entrepreneurship.

My favourite topics to chat about are ones relating to building confidence, developing resilience and improving mental fitness. I hope you pick up some ‘AHA’ moments in these episodes.

I love that there are no rehearsals in a podcast and we just let the conversation flow around the topic of the day. What you hear is the real deal. Who knows, I might host my own podcast someday!

3 Tips To Build Confidence

Super happy to share my first experience being featured on the Cafe & Networking Podcast talking about building confidence with Tom Reaoch, the ‘King of Networking’.⠀

💪Confidence is a muscle, flex it!
👎 Embrace the suck!
🗣 Failure is feedback.

My friends who heard this audio gave feedback to say I sounded nervous at the start and they felt my muscle flexing as I went along. It is OK to suck when doing something new!

I am grateful for the opportunity to flex my confidence muscle about speaking on a podcast! I had a good time chatting with Tom  and learning useful nuggets about networking and being an Ally to others.

Becoming A High-Achieving Entrepreneur

I had a fun time talking with Priscilla Nyahwa -Shumba on her Reinventing Perspectives Podcast about being a new entrepreneur.  Some of the topics we touched on include:

📌 How do we go about building confidence navigating the unknown (as no two persons share exactly the same journey),

📌 How to fail forward, how to become a high-achieving individual consistently,

📌 How to develop resilience so that we can emerge from adversity stronger than before.

“A lot of people want to listen to podcasts because they want to learn something and be entertained along the way.”

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