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I run webinars and workshops mostly for adults, parents and children that focus on personal-development topics such as mindset shifts.

Please reach out to me if you would like a proposal for a tailored webinar or workshop on a specific topic for your team or organisation.


Upcoming Events

These are upcoming Masterclasses that will be ‘live’ on ZOOM.  Each Masterclass is no longer than 90-mins.  

SELF-SABOTAGE Masterclass [Sept 2022]

This Masterclass is about the different ways our mindset sabotages us. There is a spectrum of mindsets that we unconsciously inhabit and some of these mindsets do not serve us.

I will help you identify any mindset (also known as Saboteurs) that could be wreaking havoc on your life so that you can choose to make a shift to a more empowering one. This Masterclass will be held live in September 2022.


Masterclass Recordings

These are Masterclasses that were held ‘live’ and are now available as a replay recording.  Each Masterclass is no longer than 90-mins.  When you purchase these recordings, you have life-time access to them.

Give Kickass Feedback Masterclass

This Masterclass teaches you how to give feedback that is valuable, sought-after and accepted by others.  Held live in August 2022.

Receive Feedback Like A Pro Masterclass

This Masterclass teaches you how to receive feedback without making it mean something bad about you. It also teaches you how to challenge feedback in a way that will make it valuable to you.  Held live in August 2022.

Inner Compass Masterclass

This Masterclass teaches you how to let your values guide to making good decisions so you never have to second-guess if your decisions are right for you. Held live in June 2022 .

The Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

This Masterclass teaches you what are the triggers of Imposter Syndrome and the mindset shifts that will help you overcome Imposter Syndrome. Held live in July 2022.


Past Events

Develop Empathy In Children With LEGO Workshop

This 4-hour in-person workshop which gives parents an opportunity to explore serious topics on empathy and emotions together with their children using Lego and other creative activities.

Build Easy Rapport Using The Enneagram Masterclass

This 4-hour in-person workshop.  If you are interested in this Masterclass, please 'Express Interest' below and I will inform you when the next run of this Masterclass is scheduled




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