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6 Apr 2022 (Wed),
8.00pm - 9.00pm (GMT+8)

60-mins on Zoom

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Why Attend This Q+A

This is for you if you have been Googling for answers to:
+ what causes low self-esteem
+ why do I have low self-esteem
+ how can people with low self-esteem raise their self-esteem
I am going to be breaking down for you:
+ what is self-esteem
+ reasons why people experience low self-esteem
+ consequences if people do nothing about their low self-esteem issues
+ steps people can take to raise their self-esteem
You are free to ask questions throughout the session, or post questions in our private Facebook Group about this topic.
You may request to join the Facebook Group here:  

I will try my best to answer all your questions and if I can’t due to time limitations, I will post the answer in the Facebook Group.




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Q+A: Ask Me Anything About Self-esteem

06 April 2022 // 2000hrs – 2100hrs // Zoom

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