What Is The Self-Sabotage Masterclass?

This Masterclass is about the different ways our mindset sabotages us. 

There is a spectrum of mindsets that we unconsciously inhabit and some of these mindsets do not serve us.  These mindsets hold us back from achieving our goals, creating the results we want, living the lives we want.  

Most people are asleep to how their mindset is in the driver’s seat driving their lives out of alignment with their desires.  These self-sabotaging mindsets are like programs that automate our thoughts, behaviour and emotions.

In this up to 90-min Masterclass, you will learn to name and tame any self-sabotaging mindsets.  You will:

✅ identify and name any mindset that could be wreaking havoc on your life

✅ tame it by choosing to shift to a more empowering mindset. 

If you would like to have a glimpse into the kind of mindset conversations that I help my clients navigate through in a 1:1 coaching container, this Masterclass is for you.

And I decided that this Masterclass will be FREE. 

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If this topic around getting a grip on self-sabotaging mindsets is resonating with you, I would love to have you join me on the Masterclass. 

If you are unable to join the session live, you will have instant access to the replay recording and lifetime access to it!

The Self-Sabotage Masterclass

06 Sept 2022 (Tues), 2000hrs, SGT




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