What Are The Feedback Masterclasses?

Giving feedback and receiving feedback are key skills for thriving in today’s workplace, yet many of us are ill-equipped in these areas.

I am excited to present to you TWO Masterclasses on the topic of feedback where I will teach you how to grow your capabilities around giving feedback and receiving feedback.

1. Give Kickass Feedback Masterclass – how to be the kind of person whose feedback is sought-after, valued and accepted. 

2. Receive Feedback Like A Pro Masterclass – how to receive feedback without making it mean something bad about you.


What Will We Cover?

In the Give Kickass Feedback Masterclass, we are going to be talking about:

1. what to say to the recipient of your feedback so that it is valuable to them: we need to anchor our messages to what is important to the recipient.  Feedback is valuable when it provides a clear pathway to a person’s needs, dreams and desires.

2. how to say what you say to the recipient of your feedback so that they see you as an authority figure: we need to deliver our feedback in a way that is aligned to our recipient’s “love language”.  You become an authority figure when you have rapport and people readily accept your feedback because they get it, love it and are ignited by it! 

3. how to lead the feedback conversation in a way that shapes your personal brand as a leader: how do you want someone to experience a feedback conversation with you?  Activated? Demoralised? Empowered?  You become someone others respect and want to work with because they are activated by their conversations with you.

In the Receive Feedback Like A Pro Masterclass, we are going to be talking about:

1. what are the reasons that impact our ability to receive feedback in a positive way: conscious and unconscious belief systems around our self-worth being depending on what others say about us. When we have awareness, we are able to choose to change that belief in that moment.

2. how to reframe disempowering and poor stories that our mind creates about receiving feedback: how to stop making receiving feedback mean something bad about us, when it is not the case.  

3. how to have emotional intelligence in a feedback conversation:  being able to tell the difference between “poorly delivered feedback” and “poor feedback about our performance”.  They are not the same! When we know how to deliver good quality feedback, we will naturally have discernment.

4. how do you want to show up during these conversations: the way we choose to show up will determine how we respond during the conversation, the kind of questions we ask, the answers we give, the emotions we display.  We want to respond, not react, in these conversations as this is how we stay in our personal power.  

More Info

If this topic is resonating with you, I would love to have you join me on the Masterclasses. 

You can buy the two Masterclasses separately, or you can buy them in a bundle at a special price!

You will have instant access to the recordings and lifetime access to them!

Give Kickass Feedback Masterclass


Receive Feedback Like A Pro Masterclass


The Feedback Bundle

Recordings of above TWO Masterclasses at a special offer.




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