I am very grateful to clients who CHOOSE to hire me, who let me into their world as their guide and who trust me to be the ‘thinking partner’ in their life.

I am even more grateful for their generosity in leaving a review on Google to share their experience of working with me with others who are looking for a coach.

Thank you for being a part of my world! 💓💓💋

Christine Chen
Christine Chen
07:04 07 Mar 22
Maggie has been coaching me since 2020. It has been a life-changing and eye-opening experience. Maggie has brought to the table different perspectives and lenses for me to view the same issue. Maggie is sharp, insightful and knowledgeable. She is also highly intuitive and sensitive, coupled with being very intentional in listening to me, she has picked up amazing insights about me and how I respond to people and things around me. As such, I have also gone much deeper in understanding myself, what drives me, my values, how my choices define who I am, my identity, my abilities and desires. This has also helped me get clearer about what I want and what makes me happy, and how I want to show up as a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, friend etc. Maggie has also equipped me with new skills and resources on managing my boundaries, understanding people around me and skills around self management and self care. I am also very touched that Maggie is so generous with her time, and makes the effort to coach me even during off-hours via WhatsApp or phone calls/ coffee as I find myself in situations that call for some help navigating. All in all, I have been tremendously blessed to have found Maggie, and this also means a ripple effect on the people around me as I bring to the table my best version, and support others in earnest.
Darvinya Param
Darvinya Param
10:24 24 Feb 22
Maggie’s Enneagram Workshop was eye-opening for me. It introduced me to the world of personality types and why people are the way they are.Maggie’s breadth of knowledge really impressed me. I found Maggie to be charismatic and her style of training to be engaging and intriguing. She always knows how to ask the right question.Today Maggie is my go-to person for anything to do with personality types. Whether I am making a hiring decision or trying to work through a relationship issue with someone, Maggie always has something which will help me on my journey.
Michelle Loi
Michelle Loi
14:04 22 Feb 22
When I started working with Maggie, I was lost in both my personal and work life. I was constantly unhappy and stressed out. Maggie helped me unearth my inner voice and thoughts and guided me towards a direction that aligned with my heart and brain. Her compassion, willingness to listen and style of coaching put me at ease from our very first conversation, allowing me to trust her completely and open up to her. I’ve come away the sessions more confident, light-hearted, clarity of mind and purpose to be a better version of myself.
Daphne Chan
Daphne Chan
15:04 21 Feb 22
I enjoyed the opportunity to partner with Maggie in my coaching journey of self discovery. Maggie has been patient, adaptive and structured to guide me seeing things from different perspectives and identifying pockets of opportunities for positive development. Thank you Maggie and I recommend her as a coach to support you in navigating uncertainties.
08:09 21 Feb 22
Attended a great course by Maggie who explained Enneagram so well that I am able to use it immediately and on a daily basis. It's been a positive game changer in many personal interactions since. Also, in a short time she imparted relevant and practical methods to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Speaking with her provider clarity on choosing, and taking, the right next step forward. Thank you Maggie!
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